Schemas of Play

How’s it Hangin’? – Understanding the Orientation Schema

As a child I was drawn to seeing the world from different point of view. I would clutch the branches of my grandparents’ wattle tree and lazily explore my surroundings. I’d hang from the old steel monkey bars at the local park and pretend the white fluffy clouds were at my feet and the gum… Continue reading How’s it Hangin’? – Understanding the Orientation Schema


When We Let Children Play…

When we let children play amazing things happen. We just have to allow ourselves to see it. I'm a big believer in child led play... and when I say play I refer to ALL aspects of learning because child's play is not a time filler or what we do when we've finished learning. Play IS… Continue reading When We Let Children Play…


Establishing Rituals for Children: Nature Walks

In my last post, I pondered the idea of establishing rituals to help create a peaceful and relaxed environment for children. I didn’t want the prospect of these rituals to be daunting or forced so taking a nature walk seemed like a good place to start! Simple, enjoyable, achievable. I like to consider the following… Continue reading Establishing Rituals for Children: Nature Walks


Daily Rituals for Happy Children

Working with young children means I can be up against some BIG emotions. As an educator I know this will happen from time to time (usually on a daily basis!) and I value the importance of supporting, guiding and comforting children during these moments. Sometimes it can be incredibly challenging to stay calm and figure… Continue reading Daily Rituals for Happy Children

Nature, Play!

The Power of Nature Play!

In a world where classrooms are defined by a desk and four walls, where technology reigns supreme and helicopter parents continue to wrap their little ones in cotton wool, it’s important we find ways to move beyond those walls, simplify our learning environments and get in touch with the good stuff; sunshine, mud, wind and… Continue reading The Power of Nature Play!

Creativity, Process Art

Experimenting with DIY Watercolours

Every few months I have a major clean out and reorganisation of our art and craft supplies. When sifting through everything there's some things that are recycled, some are binned and others are re purposed. Part of this process includes giving some tired,= and worn out textas a second chance at life. We did this… Continue reading Experimenting with DIY Watercolours

Process Art

Trust the Process…

Process based art and child led activities are a big interest of mine, I enjoy observing children's creative processes as it tends to tell me a hell of a lot more than anything I plan for or control. So I'm steering away from the product based art and craft activities along with adult led play… Continue reading Trust the Process…


Rain Clouds and Mindfulness 

A few weeks ago my daughter and I made rain clouds in a jar. An easy little experiment you can do with any child starting from preschool age really, and although it's a fantastic way of exploring the science behind rain clouds and weather in general, we ended up going along an entirely different path… Continue reading Rain Clouds and Mindfulness 

Educator Thoughts

Dear Square Peg

Dear Square Peg, You never did fit into that round hole did you? You sat (possibly wriggled!) in your spot and were made to feel like you were doing something wrong, when all you were really doing was being you. Because... You're the square peg. You're not obnoxious, you're just confident. You're not vague, you're… Continue reading Dear Square Peg